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Steven Morris


Steven Morris is always on the go in every respect. The London-based artist works in the field of food and drink, but also photographs architecture and travel features, along with people and lifestyle.
He also works as a video photographer and supplies interviews and company videos. Needless to say, commissions by international companies such as Louis Vuitton, Rolls-Royce and American Express have led to travel on all continents - except Antarctica.
When working for editorial publications it is the background that characterizes his work. It is also evident that he loves music and a natural rhythm permeates his images. When he’s not working he loves to travel, especially to ski areas and other cold climate destinations.

Grilled oysters with dark beer Pouring red wine into glass (close-up) Fresh carrots on wooden table Kir Royal (Cocktail made with creme de cassis and sparkling wine) Queen of Night tulip with dewdrops (close-up) Fresh garlic cloves (close-up) Freshly backed bread on a cloth in a bread basket