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Daniel Aeschlimann


Human beings are always at the heart of the work of Swiss photographer Daniel Aeschlimann. He captures emotions and atmosphere intuitively, paring down every image to its essence. Even when people aren’t actually in camera range, there’s a strong human presence in his photographs.

The result? Fabulously natural pictures, defined by a clarity that’s utterly convincing. Aeschlimann’s love of daylight and outdoor locations add to this characteristic mood of artless sincerity. He is a photographer worth getting to know.

Crostini topped with tomatoes, goat's cheese, onion and courgette Barbecuing racks of lamb with rosemary Various kinds of tomatoes, young woman in background Young woman on a lakeside landing stage Two bottles of lemonade and glasses on a tray Woman holding a dish of different kinds of tomatoes Carafe of water with lemon and mint