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Bernhard Winkelmann

Bernhard Winkelmann


The German photographer Bernhard Winkelmann was born in Hagen and now lives and works in Paris. After completing his training in Berlin at the Lette-Verein, he moved to France where he worked as an assistant to photographer Peter Knaup.

He specializes in still-life photography and works mostly with food. He has worked for book publishers and glossy magazines such as Gala and Madame Figaro. His client list also includes companies such as McDonald’s, Lindt and Grand Marnier.

A brown egg falling into water Coconut sorbet with pomegranate seeds Choux pastries filled with lemon ice cream and topped with chocolate glaze French toast with strawberries Raspberry and strawberry compote and Mirabelle plum compote Apple salad with pomegranate seeds A cup of latte which has been drunk up