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Alice Del Re

Alice Del Re Food blogger


Her blog used to feature recipes without pictures, but now she is a successful food photographer. The Italian, Alice del Re offers bourgeois cuisine in relaxed atmospheres.

Food blogging was initially a hobby for Alice del Re. The first recipes she posted on the blog didn’t even have pictures. But soon she wanted to make her blog “panelibrienuvole” more inviting and attractive. Alice bought herself a professional camera and began to study photography – first on her own, later with various photographers who taught her various techniques. Now she says that she couldn’t live without photography.

"I often cook just to shoot the plates."

In her photography, Alice likes to experiment with different styles and moods. Her favorite subjects are calm and peaceful situations, cozy atmospheres, bourgeois cuisine in relaxing environments. While others appreciate her way of arranging napkins or the composition of her paintings, she cannot identify a single aspect as her own style.

Alice del Re’s customer base consists of olive oil producers, dairies, an Italian pasta brand, and kitchen utensil manufacturers. Her next (heart) project is a calendar for 2019, created in collaboration with a local farm that grows its own vegetables and sells them in local markets. Alice can’t wait to see the finished product!

Alice del Re is inspired by everything in her environment. Sometimes she gets ideas from the colors of the ingredients or the shape of a finished dish. Sometimes a picture emerges in her head, where many of her ideas have gathered and turned into one. Sometimes the idea comes all of a sudden, while in other times she has to work on it for days. Alice also finds it inspiring to critique her own and other photographers’ work

In addition to photography, Alice likes to be in the country reading and hiking. She loves to bake cakes and cookies too! Originally, Alice studied archaeology. But now, that world feels so far away from her current one that she feels as though she is leading a second and completely different life.

Pistachio cake on baking paper Redcurrant Hand Pies Chocolate crinkle cookies on a piece of baking paper Cherry cake with icing sugar Lavender and blueberry ice lollies Potato soup with haddock Mini doughnut cookies made from wholemeal floor